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I would buy another 4Runner in a heartbeat. I just wish that Toyota would make a stripped version that you could actually order (as opposed to just existing in the dealer literature). I don't need an OEM roof rack, running boards, dark tinted windows, leather, fender flares, or a car alarm....

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2007 Toyota 4Runner
...September 2006 - For 2007, the fourth-generation Toyota 4Runner mid-size sport utility vehicle (SUV) continues to combine its legendary off-road capability with supremely high standards for everyday comfort, refinement and safety. This combination is packaged in a design style to create an image...

2006 Toyota 4Runner V8 Limited
...I should warn you ahead of time that this review may not be up to my usual standard of wit and repartee. For some reason, Toyotas simply bring out the adult in me, the critic who evaluates a car from all angles, its functionality, its value, its merit and position in the marketplace, as well as the...

Latest Toyota 4Runner Reviews

4Runner / Arthur, from Calgary, AB
Such a fun truck to drive, wicked cool looking :P with 4" lift, mud tires, cowbar, and underglow, its a great truck. I dont think i'll ever be able to own a car after having my truck....

4 Runner Review / Andy Flores, Whitehall, MI.

Bought my Toyota 5 years ago with 65K miles like new, 1 owner. I currently have 178K miles and the above problems didn't show until the past 2 years or so. Fuel mileage 16 - 17 mpg. Goes through the snow. Great ground clearance. Be careful around wet or icy turns she'll break loose on ya. Cargo space is great. Towing light trailers fine. Besides normal wear and tare. Love this SUV. Towed 2 sleds to the UP of MI. no problems. Went...

1995 Toyota 4runner / Carrie, Richmond VA

I LOVE mine. I haul jet skiis and 2 120 pound dogs and needed somthing larger, but did not want somthing too big. This is perfect. I wanted 6 cyl. 4x4, and have heard great things about the 4runners. I love the back window and tailgate. I had a kia sportage, and had to go through all kinds of stuff just to open the back to get dogs and stuff in. And then it was crowded. My 4 runner does it all. Pulls skiis and has ease of opening the back!...

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